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PSB recycle around 50 tons of material per year

During 1 week we can use 45000m of thread
Supply Process
Manufacturing the right solution at the right time and at the right price.
From Design through to Delivery

1. Concept Creation and Draughting
Computer aided design using V5 DS CATIA system enabling design from sample component or 3 dimensional drawing supplied by secure computer link from the customer. Footprint, volume, packaging density and ergonomics are just some of the considerations during the design stage.

2. Outline Specification and Amendment
All new designs are then sent to the customer to check the specifications and amend where necessary. When the amendments are agreed, costings are finalised and quotations prepared to cover prototyping, pre-volume and volume quantities, before the order is raised.

3. Prototype Detailing & Approval
A prototype is built to check any design flaws, production problems and suitability for use at point of need. Approval is then given for production run to commence. In some cases, a pre-volume production run is commissioned to check logistical and ergonomic considerations.

4. Manufacturing and Delivery
From enquiry to manufacture and despatch the project can be managed by PSB personnel on or off site and time scales determined at instigation of the project. All sequencing, labelling, identification marks and screen-printing are applied in-house to original specification. We are able to deliver finished goods to the customer but if the quantities are too high or too heavy for our vehicles then we have close links with a number of logistics companies who always give us the best price.

5. Maintenance and Repair (After Sales Service)
The PSB Group offers a full maintenance and repair service to all boxes/pallets/ stillages and dunnage when necessary, either on a maintenance contract or as and when basis.
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