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PSB recycle around 50 tons of material per year

During 1 week we can use 45000m of thread
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PSB has built up an impressive customer portfolio, including those involved in the global markets of automotive components, aerospace, packaging and electronics.
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Many of these industry customers not only represent excellent reference sites for our technology, materials, design and handling capabilities, but also our packaging systemsí operational flexibility.

Industry Product Specification USPís

All our bag systems are reusable and tailor-made for the products and production brief.
We optimise our packing densities to give maximum value to the customer in terms of pack factor. This can also help reduce the transport costs by fitting parts into each load.
All our systems are designed to protect against knocks and scratches in both line side and in house production lines. Each bag system is ergonomically designed for operative safety, easy movement and safe transportation.

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