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About PSB Group
We are one of the UK's best established manufacturers of reusable protective packaging for components and products. We are specialists in protective packaging solutions for components and products which need to be transported to 'end of line' processes incorporating 'just in time' procedures. All the solutions we produce are made using hardwearing versatile and washable materials and custom designed to give full protection from knocks and scratches.
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We design and produce a full range of insert systems, hammock systems, collapsible systems, bumper covers, masks and filters for a wide range of industries and markets.

From our foundation over 50 years ago, PSB has continually diversified its technical expertise in textile products, pioneering the use of a membrane bag as a support system whose concept is still used in mining. Today we serve an ever expanding customer base, supplying filters for use in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pottery, painting, printing and engineering industries.

Added Services
We also offer a number of additional services to our core services to all our customers, including:
Complete Project Management

We will ensure that we deliver the products to you when you require and will ensure timing plans keep you informed of when you will receive your goods. We will also stay in close contact with you to ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish. We can also visit sites to see where the products are housed and how we can make the systems work better for your company.

Sequential Numbering for Production

We can offer sequence numbering on all hammocks, FLCs and bag systems in order for you to easily identify the different colour or style of the part in the insert and improve the efficiency with which the correct part can be selected.

Screen Printing & Labelling

We offer a labelling system on all our packaging solutions to enable you to easily recognise what product is inside the bag system.

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