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Did you know...
PSB recycle around 50 tons of material per year

During 1 week we can use 45000m of thread
Core Production Line Packaging Solutions

Production Line Side

Insert Systems

• In Line & Inhouse Systems
• Single or Double Entry

Production Line

Hammock Systems

• Ideal for Painted Products
• Packaging Large Products

Production Line

Collapsible Systems

• Fold Flat Systems (FLCs)
• For Inserts or Hammocks

Our insert systems and bags are designed to fit any size of box, pallet box or stillage, and are filled horizontally. They can protect any size and shape of product during transportation, and include the optional specification of static or retractable curtains.

Our hammock systems can be made to fit all sizes of containers and are manufactured in a wide range of washable materials. Our net system is ideal for painted products, for example. hammock systems are also ideal for large pieces that do not require a large pack factor and do not come off the production line, such as curved parts that nest. Static or retractable curtains can be included if required. Read More...

Our insert and hammock systems can both be designed to fold flat when empty. It is a unique patented system that allows storage of the packing during the emptying process and can be fitted to existing customer lines. The drop-in insert and bag systems used in flcs offer reusable packaging, and all our collapsible systems and flcs have the optional specification of static or retractable curtains. Read More...

PSB Supply To Line - The Only Solution
PSB provides a complete 'supply to line' product handling,storage and protection system that can create exactly what any manufacturer or component supplier needs - an integral part of their 'just in time' and 'end of line' supply chain management programme.
These bespoke, reusable, environmentally friendly and clean membrane packaging solutions are also ergonamically designed around each individual product's unique handling and transportation pathways, ensuring safe, traceable, efficient and quality controlled supply to line product delivery.
Why PSB Group?
PSB's packaging systems are designed specifically fo each component brief and are available in a wide range of materials,including PVC,woven polypropylene,spun bonded polypropylene and woven polyesters to suit different applications and depending on the degree of product protection required.
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